Tax forms

Depending on the individual types of tax, different forms are required for the taxation procedures.

The taxation procedure requires different forms for tax returns, tax declarations or applications and certificates, depending on the different types of tax.

In the ELSTER (ELektronische STeuerERklärung) procedure, the tax administrations of the Federal States and the Federal Government have developed, among other things, software for the transmission of tax returns. With the ELSTER software, you have the option of creating your annual tax returns, tax (pre-)declarations and income tax certificates on the PC and then electronically transmitting them to your tax office.

ELSTER includes:

  • income tax return,
  • Turnover and trade tax return,
  • Advance VAT return,
  • Income tax registration,

The new program version of ElsterForm for filling out the tax return forms and for the electronic transmission of the data will be offered regularly from mid-January free of charge for download. In addition, you will receive the program approx. At the end of January also free of charge on CD-ROM in your tax office. Alternatively, you can purchase a commercial tax consulting program in commerce.

Since 2006, the submission of a paper printout of the income tax return to the tax office has been waived if you submit the data authenticated (with certificate). To do this, you must register via the ElsterOnline portal. Afterwards, you will receive the necessary certificate free of charge either on your computer (software certificate), on the ELSTER stick or it will be read out by it when using your signature card. If you use the certificate when electronically transmitting the tax return data, it replaces your signature and ensures authentication of the data transmitter. Together with the electronic wage tax certificate and the EÜR (income/surplus invoice) system integrated in ElsterForm, this certificate enables paperless tax returns in many cases. However, submission in the conventional procedure by submitting a paper printout is still possible.

Your advantages of electronic data transmission:

  • Shorter processing time,
  • no transmission errors in the tax office,
  • less paper,
  • extensive waiver of documents,
  • electronic transmission of notification data,
  • Tax calculation function.


Further information can be found under "ElsterOnline" and "ElsterForme".

  • ElsterOnline
  • ElsterForms

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