School trips / school trips: Reimbursement of costs

If the costs for a school trip cannot be raised, financial support can be applied for.

A school trip (multi-day class trip) is lessons in another place, that is, it is a school event. In addition, it is intended to promote social coexistence in a class.

In the case of school trips, the costs for the pupils must always be borne by them themselves or by their parents. If the cost contributions cannot be raised, there are various support options:

  • In some cases, a support association of the school or another sponsor can cover the costs.
  • If a tour operator offers a free place, the tour group may decide to use it for the student in question.
  • For recipients of unemployment benefit II and social assistance, the costs for school trips lasting several days can be covered. Even for parents who receive neither unemployment benefit II nor social assistance, the costs can be provided as a separate benefit, provided that they cannot or cannot fully cover the special burden for the school trip from their own resources. Services for school trips lasting several days within the framework of the school law provisions are provided separately, i.e. in addition to the standard services.

Parents must provide a written declaration of consent for their child's participation in the school trip, which is also considered a promise of payment for the costs. With the written consent, the child is bindingly registered for the class trip. Therefore, the costs are to be paid (proportionately) even if the child gets sick before the school trip and stays at home or returns earlier.

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