All-day schools

All-day schools supplement the scheduled lessons with their education, upbringing and care offers.

Concept and structure of all-day schools in SH

All-day schools develop a new understanding of school through cooperation with child and youth welfare as well as other extracurricular cooperation partners. They increase the educational opportunities of young people, promote their individual abilities and inclinations and contribute to the reduction of disadvantages. With their education, upbringing and care services, they complement the scheduled lessons.

The open all-day school enables a differentiated educational and upbringing offer, which is oriented towards the needs of the pupils and parents. It is characterized by the opening of schools to its environment and by the principle of voluntary participation. It turns the school into an all-day open house of learning and living. The open all-day schools are supported by the service agency "Ganzt├Ągig lernen", which is supported by the Ministry of Education and Social Affairs and the German Children and Youth Foundation.

Approved open all-day schools can, provided that they meet the requirements of the applicable funding guideline, receive state funding for their offers.

In schools in socially deprived areas and with a high proportion of children with a migrant background, ten new tied all-day schools were set up in the 2009/10 and 2010/11 school years. These new tied all-day schools have an eight-hour offer from Monday to Thursday and a five-hour offer on Fridays, which is mandatory for all students.

From the 2009/10 school year, reliable support during the lunch break is to be set up for the growing up cohorts in the eight-year grammar school course in order to combine the morning and afternoon lessons within the framework of the contingent timetable. The approximately one-hour lunch break, in which educational, musical-artistic or movement, games and sports offers can be provided in addition to the supervision during lunch, is supported by state funds on a maximum of two days.


Further information on open all-day schools in Schleswig-Holstein can be found on the website of the state portal "Education Schleswig-Holstein".

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Directive on the approval and promotion of open all-day schools as well as on the establishment and promotion of childcare services in primary education and in the eight-year grammar school course (G 8) (Guideline for all-day and care)

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