School transport: travel expenses

Student transport is the responsibility of the school authorities or districts.

The transport of pupils is the responsibility of the school authorities of the public schools located in the districts. Deviating from this, in some cases the district is directly responsible for the transport of pupils. The school authorities or the districts are responsible for the implementation and organisation of this task.

Not all pupils are covered by the regulations on pupil transport. For example, no corresponding benefits are granted for pupils in grades 11 to 13 and for those in the independent cities. There is also no provision for pupil transport for attending vocational schools.

The other requirements for student transport are regulated by the respective student transport statutes of the districts.


The student transport statutes of the districts may provide that the parents or the adult pupils are to participate in the costs of the pupil transport.

§ 114 Schleswig-Holstein School Act (School Act - SchulG).

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