Independent schools

Private schools are independent schools.

In contrast to public schools , private schools have a free sponsor - and are therefore also called "schools in independent sponsorship".

The Basic Law (GG) expressly guarantees in Art. 7 sec. 4, 5 GG the right to establish private schools. The "independent schools" are subject to state school supervision (legal supervision).

A distinction must be made between substitute and supplementary schools:

  • Substitute schools are schools subject to approval which- according to the overall purpose pursued by their establishment - strive for the general educational objectives and qualifications.
  • Supplementary schools are schools that do not require approval, but are subject to notification.

A checklist for the approval of the construction and operation of a substitute school or a supplementary school can be downloaded from the state portal "Education Schleswig-Holstein".

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Health care schools do not fall within the remit of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MSB), but of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Science and Equality of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MSGWG).
Information on private schools and health professions in Schleswig-Holstein can be found on the website of the state government.

  • Private schools
  • Health professions
  • Art. 7 sec. 4, 5 Basic Law (GG),
  • §§ 115 - 118 School Act (SchulG).

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