Elementary school

In primary school, the basics of education and learning are taught.

The primary school provides pupils with the basics of education and learning as well as knowledge, skills and abilities in a common course of education for all pupils.

All children who reach the age of six by 30 June of the current calendar year are required to attend school. At the request of the parents, however, younger children can also be enrolled in school.

The primary school has four grades. Grades one and two form a pedagogical unit as an initial phase. With the initial phase, the primary school responds to the different knowledge and abilities of the school beginners in a special way: The children go through them flexibly in one, two or three school years according to their learning and performance ability. For this reason, cross-grade learning groups can be formed, especially in the initial phase. The school decides on the design of the initial phase.

For some years now, all primary schools in Schleswig-Holstein have been reliable. The Reliable Primary School guarantees all pupils lessons within a reliable time frame. For the children of the 1st and 2nd grade, the reliable school time is four hours a day, for the children in the 3rd and 4th grade at least five hours a day. Included are 15 hours of time per week for first and second graders, and 19.5 hours for third and fourth graders. In this way, the reliable primary school enables more education and upbringing and makes it easier for parents to better reconcile family and career.

In addition, there are childcare services at many primary schools that the children can attend before and after school. The childcare services are supported by parents' associations and municipalities and supported by the state.

All primary schools work together pedagogically with the day-care centres in their catchment area, the responsible support centre and the secondary general education schools.


Further information on the subject of primary school in Schleswig-Holstein can be found in the state portal "Education Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Elementary school
  • Schleswig-Holstein School Act (School Act - SchulG),
  • Landesverordnung ├╝ber Grundschulen (GrundschulV).

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