Special education support (school / support centre)

Pupils who, for certain reasons, can only take part in school lessons with special help have special educational needs.

School special education support for people with corresponding needs

Pupils have special educational needs if, due to a disability, their development or a chronic illness, they can only participate in the teaching of a primary school, a secondary general education school or a vocational school with special help and other support is not sufficient.

In Schleswig-Holstein, their special educational support is provided according to the type of impairment in one or more funding priorities:

  • Learn
  • Language
  • Emotional and social development,
  • Intellectual development
  • Physical development
  • Hear
  • See
  • Autism
  • Teaching sick students.

If necessary, funding is provided by special education teachers from around 100 support centres from all general education schools, all age groups and all funding priorities. In the priority areas of language, hearing and vision, support is also provided in the pre-school sector.

If the pupil cannot be sufficiently supported with this aid, he/she will move to the support centre in order to receive temporary or long-term support.

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Further information on the topic of "Special Education Support" can be found in the state portal "Education Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Special education support
  • Schleswig-Holstein School Act (School Act - SchulG),
  • Landesverordnung über die sonderpädagogische Förderung (SoFVO).

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