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Wild garbage is the illegal disposal of waste in the wild.

Wild garbage is carelessly disposed of, often intentionally, in the wild. Due to its nature or composition, this waste can endanger soil, groundwater, water bodies or even the air. Wild garbage also severely impairs the landscape and can often lead to odor nuisances.

Wild garbage causes ecological and economic damage, which is ultimately paid by all citizens through taxes and fees. The illegal disposal of such waste constitutes a violation of waste law and, insofar as the polluter can be identified, will be punished with a corresponding fine in addition to the disposal costs incurred.

Description of the place of discovery, photos if necessary


In principle, property owners must also take care of the disposal of imposed waste on their own property, which has been deposited on it against their will.

  • Act on the Promotion of the Circular Economy and Ensuring the Environmentally Sound Management of Waste (Circular Economy Act - KrWG),
  • § 6 Waste Management Act for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (Landesabfallwirtschaftsgesetz - LAbfWG).

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