Fishing licence and exemptions from the obligation to issue a fishing licence

If you want to fish in Schleswig-Holstein, you must have a valid fishing license and carry it with you.

Anyone who fishes in Schleswig-Holstein must have a valid fishing license and carry it with them. The fishing licence is issued for life in Schleswig-Holstein. A prerequisite for the issuance of the fishing licence is a successfully passed fishing licence examination or the existence of facts that make it unnecessary to take the examination. Valid fishing licenses from other federal states can be rewritten after a change of main residence (in the event of relocation). Children who have not yet reached the age of 12 cannot yet obtain a fishing license. However, they are allowed to fish if they are supervised by a fishing licence holder.
Valid fishing licenses from other federal states are recognized in Schleswig-Holstein. However, its holders must also pay the fishing levy of the country SH regardless of how and where the fishing is to be carried out. The tax stamp must be affixed to a supplementary certificate, which is available at all issuing points of the stamps or is freely available for download on the website of the responsible Ministry for Energy Transition, Agriculture, Environment, Nature and Digitisation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MELUND). The supplementary certificate is not an official document and can therefore be completed yourself; a personal presence at an authority is not required.

For fishing in inland waters and in certain coastal waters that are subject to an independent fishing right (Eider, Schlei, Bay of Lübeck), a permit from the respective fishing rights holder is also required. Apart from the above exceptions, there is free fishing in the coastal waters of Schleswig-Holstein.

In Schleswig-Holstein, based on § 5 of the State Ordinance for the Implementation of the Fisheries Act for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (LFischG-DVO), there are exceptions to the fishing licence obligation. The most frequently used exception is the so-called "holiday fishing license", which can be applied for by any natural person (valid for 28 consecutive days, can be extended 1 x in a calendar year). The holiday fishing license and the extension cost 10.00 euros each administrative fee; in addition, the fishing levy (1 x per calendar year) must also be paid here.

Since 15 July 2013, no fishing licence has been required at commercial fishing ponds and on commercial fishing cutters if the commercial provider can ensure compliance with animal welfare and fishing regulations by means of supervision (Attention May provision, please contact the respective provider). Even in these cases, however, the fishing tax must be paid!

In addition, there is the possibility of a temporary exemption from the fishing license requirement for special cases (e.B. for special events of charitable institutions, for international events, etc.), which must be applied for and justified in writing to the upper fisheries authority in individual cases.

Persons with disabilities who are unable to take a fishing licence examination shall, upon application to the upper fisheries authority, receive an unlimited exemption authorising them to fish accompanied by an adult fishing licence holder.

  • certificate of the fishing licence examination or proof of an examination as a professional fisherman; in case of relocation: fishing license of the other federal state,
  • Photograph (after the age of 16),
  • Identity card.


Fishing licences from other federal states are also valid in Schleswig-Holstein as long as the holder does not have his or her main residence in Schleswig-Holstein. As soon as the holder of a fishing licence from another federal state moves his/her head office to Schleswig-Holstein, a Schleswig-Holstein fishing licence must be issued for the exercise of fishing.

Since 1 July 2012, fishing licence holders from other federal states have also had to pay the fishing tax.

Compliance with the fishing licence requirement is checked by the Fisheries Control Authority.

Further information on the subject of professional and angling fishing can be found on the Internet portal "Agriculture and Environment in Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Professional and angling fishing
  • § 26 Fischereigesetz für das Land Schleswig-Holstein (Landesfischereigesetz - LFischG),
  • § 5 State Ordinance for the Implementation of the Fisheries Act for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (LFischG-DVO).

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