Calculate and set water abstraction fee

Do you take water from an above-ground body of water or groundwater or extract or discharge groundwater or discharge groundwater? In this case, a fee must be paid to the respective federal state.

For the extraction and discharge of water from an above-ground body of water, as well as the extraction, surface extraction, discharge and discharge of groundwater, a water abstraction fee can be charged in Germany. Whether and to what extent the water abstraction fee is levied is decided by the individual countries.

There is no uniform regulation in the federal states in which the water abstraction fee is levied.


Anyone who takes water from an above-ground body of water, drains it or extracts groundwater, brings it to light, leads it to the surface or discharges it is subject to a water abstraction fee.


Further information on groundwater use can be found on the websites of the State Government of Schleswig-Holstein and the Geological State Archives.

  • Geological State Archive Schleswig-Holstein
  • Groundwater use and drinking water supply

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There is no uniform procedure of the federal states, as this depends on the specific legal requirements and structures in the individual states.

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