Soil conservation

Soil protection serves to secure or restore the functions of the soil.

Soil is an indispensable basis of life for nature and society, their development and sustainable usability. Soil is not reproducible and has only a limited load capacity. Once damaged soil is renewed and recovered - if at all - only very slowly. Threatening dangers can result from a creeping accumulation of environmentally hazardous substances in the soil.

In addition to water and air, the protection of the soil as a further object of environmental protection has also been legally defined. For all effects on the soil, the precautionary principle of economical and careful use of land must be observed in order to maintain the natural soil functions to a sufficient extent. Harmful soil changes or contaminated sites must be remediated. At the same time, the variety of possible uses can be preserved for future generations.


Further information on the topic "Soil" can be found on the website of the state government of Schleswig-Holstein.

The Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture (LWKSH) is responsible for compliance with fertilizer regulations (= fertilizer traffic control).

Blocking period for the application of mineral and organic fertilisers with a significant nitrogen content:
in the period from 01.11. - 31.01. on arable land
in the period from 15.11. - 31.01. on grassland.

  • Soil
  • LWKSH - Fertilization
  • Soil protection - Contact person in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Act on protection against harmful soil changes and on the remediation of contaminated sites (Federal Soil Protection Act - BBodSchG),
  • Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance (BBodSchV)
  • Act on the Implementation and Amendment of the Federal Soil Protection Act (State Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Act - LBodSchG),
  • Ordinance on the Use of Fertilizers, Soil Auxiliaries, Growing Substrates and Plant Auxiliaries according to the Principles of Good Professional Practice in Fertilizers (Fertilizer Ordinance - DüV).

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