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The felling of certain trees requires a permit.

Would you like to cut down a tree on your property or clear tree populations?

In some municipalities of Schleswig-Holstein, trees are subject to the protection of a tree protection statute. These regulate the approval procedures for exemptions and exemptions and determine to what extent trees fall under the protective provisions. The felling of a tree is only permitted under certain circumstances.

The felling of special trees that characterize the townscape or landscape represents an intervention in nature and landscape. The removal of these trees requires a permit from the lower nature conservation authority. Compensation for the intervention may be required.

Trees produce vital oxygen, serve to improve the climate, are filters of dust and pollutants and provide humidity and movement. They provide habitat for a wide variety of animals, enliven and structure the cityscape and dampen the noise. In order to preserve the trees, special protection is therefore required, especially in heavily populated areas.

  • Site plans
  • Descriptions
  • Information necessary for the assessment of the project.

As further documentation may be required, it is recommended that you contact the competent body in advance in this regard.


Significant impairments of nature and landscape must be avoided by the polluter as a matter of priority.


The local tree protection statutes find their authorizations in § 29 BNatSchG in conjunction with § 18 LNatSchG.

Depending on the location and quality of the tree, a permit may also be required under construction law or other provisions of nature conservation law.

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