Motor vehicle: Disposal of end-of-life vehicles (certificate of recycling)

Manufacturers and importers of certain vehicles are obliged to take back end-of-life vehicles.

Last owners of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (vehicles for the carriage of goods up to 3.5 tonnes) who wish to dispose of their end-of-life vehicles can return them to the manufacturer or importer free of charge. Manufacturers and importers are obliged to take back end-of-life vehicles and must set up a comprehensive take-back system themselves or through commissioned third parties.

End-of-life vehicles from which essential parts or components or electronic control units have been removed and which were not registered in the European Union at least one month before the definitive decommissioning are excluded from the free take-back.

If a vehicle is permanently decommissioned and disposed of, a certified end-of-life car recycling company must issue a certificate of recycling for the motor vehicle registration authority.


If you have any questions regarding a certificate of recycling, you can also contact the vehicle guilds or the vehicle manufacturers. Further information can be found on the GESA website.

  • GESA
  • Ordinance on the Transfer, Take-Back and Environmentally Compatible Disposal of End-of-Life Vehicles (End-of-Life Vehicle Ordinance - End-of-Life Vehicles Ordinance),
  • § 15 Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV).

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