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The districts, independent cities or waste management companies are responsible for waste disposal.

Municipal waste disposal includes the collection, transport, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste from private households and other areas of origin.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the districts and independent cities are responsible for the disposal of waste from private households as well as waste from other areas of origin that is disposed of.

Most districts and independent cities have partially transferred the tasks and obligations of waste disposal to waste management companies or special purpose associations and/or commissioned third parties with essential tasks.


Further information on waste disposal and contact persons for waste management can be found in the state portal "Agriculture and Environment Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Waste management
  • Contact person for waste management in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Act on the Promotion of the Circular Economy and Ensuring the Environmentally Compatible Management of Waste (Circular Economy Act - KrWG)
  • Waste Management Act for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (State Waste Management Act - LAbfWG)

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