Food: Instruction on handling - Certificate

If you want to work for the first time in the field of food preparation, sales or gastronomy, you need a certificate from the health authority.

Certain contagious diseases and pathogens can be transmitted to other people through food. The Infection Protection Act therefore provides for regulations that are intended to minimize the risk of this transmission pathway.

If you want to become active for the first time in the field of food preparation, food sales or gastronomy, you need a certificate.

The content of the certificate is that you have been informed about the legal obligations, in particular about the contagious disease in which you are prohibited from working in the food sector. In addition, for the certificate after the instruction, you must declare in writing that you are not aware of any facts about a ban on working with you. Under certain circumstances, an additional medical certificate may be required for the certificate.

If the citizen has the original certificate of instruction, it is valid for a lifetime in connection with the follow-up instructions of the employers.

  • Valid photo ID (e.g. passport, identity card),
  • in individual cases, a medical certificate.


Persons who regularly stay in the kitchens of restaurants or other communal catering facilities must also take part in a teaching.

Since the entry into force of the IfSG on 1 January 2001, the so-called health certificate (health card), which has certified health examinations and a corresponding harmlessness, is no longer necessary.

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