Fishing licence examination

If you want to apply for a fishing license, you must take a fishing license examination.

A fishing licence can only be issued after the age of 12. As a rule, a passed fishing license examination is required for the issuance. This examination shall demonstrate sufficient knowledge of fish species, the conservation of fish stocks and the management of fishing waters, fishing gear and its use, the treatment of fish caught and the provisions of fisheries, animal welfare and nature conservation.

Since 15 July 2013, in addition to persons with their main residence in Schleswig-Holstein, persons with a main residence outside the Federal Republic of Germany (e.B Danish citizens) can also receive a Schleswig-Holstein fishing licence if they have successfully passed the examination.

The following is exempt from taking the fishing licence test:

  1. anyone who has passed the examination as a fish farmer or an equivalent examination or holds a fishing license according to the Ship Officer Training Ordinance or a corresponding certificate of competence on the basis of recognized international agreements,
  2. who has passed a fishing license examination in another federal state, or
  3. anyone who has passed the senior or intermediate fisheries management service examination or who performs fisheries control tasks at a fisheries authority.

The Schleswig-Holstein fishing license examination is equivalent to state or state-recognized fishing examinations of the other federal states.


Further information on the subject of professional and angling fishing can be found on the Internet portal "Agriculture and Environment in Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Professional and angling fishing
  • § 27 Fisheries Act for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (State Fisheries Act - LFischG)
  • § 6 State Ordinance for the Implementation of the State Fisheries Act (LFischG-DVO)

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