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If you want to run a zoo, you need a permit.

Zoos are permanent facilities where wild animals are kept for at least seven days a year to exhibit them.

The following are not considered a zoo:

  • Circus
  • pet shops,
  • enclosures for keeping no more than 5 species of native shell game and
  • Establishments where no more than five individuals of other wild species are kept.
  • planning documents for the planned enclosures,
  • Animal species list with number of animals,
  • Proof of competence and
  • Proof of compliance with the zoo criteria (research or species conservation or training).

The application must be submitted informally.

  • § 42 Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG),
  • § 11 Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (Allgemeiner Gebührentarif) Tarifstelle 14.1.13 - VwGebV.

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