Parking permit for residents

Resident parking permits are issued by the municipal, official or city administrations responsible for the place of residence on request.

In some inner city areas, residents' parking areas (by means of traffic signs) have been set up due to a considerable lack of parking space. In order to be allowed to park in these areas, you need a resident parking permit (residents' parking permit).

Resident parking permits are issued on request.
Anyone who is registered with the registration authority in the area with resident parking privilege (main residence) and actually lives there is entitled to be granted. Depending on the local conditions, the registered secondary residence may be sufficient.
Each resident receives only one resident parking permit for a motor vehicle registered to him/her or demonstrably used permanently by him/her.

  • Identity card
  • Registration certificate I (vehicle registration document),
  • Certificate of use, if you are not the vehicle owner,
  • in case of representation: power of attorney with the above-mentioned documents (also copies).


Members of car-sharing organisations can also obtain a resident parking permit. Further information can be obtained from the responsible authority.

  • ยงยง 41, 42, 45 of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO),
  • Schedule of Charges for Road Transport Measures (RFees), Fee No. 265.

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