Decomposition surveying

A dismantling survey is to be arranged if part of a plot of land is to be sold.

The real estate cadastre contains the state-wide and up-to-date proof of all land and buildings in Schleswig-Holstein that are significant under real estate law. Together with the land register, it ensures the securing of ownership of the land and gives it marketability and creditworthiness.

If you want to sell a part of your property, it usually requires a measurement of the part to be separated beforehand. As part of this decomposition survey, the new boundary points and boundaries are defined and transferred to the real estate cadastre.
On the basis of this survey result, the notarial purchase contract and the associated land register regulation can be prepared.

A dismantling survey is carried out at the request of the owners of an affected property.

Applications can be submitted informally.


Further information is also available on the website of the Federation of Publicly Appointed Surveyors (BDVI).

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  • § 16 Gesetz über die Landesvermessung und das Liegenschaftskataster (Vermessungs- und Katastergesetz - VermKatG),
  • State Ordinance on Fees of the State Office for Surveying and Geoinformation Schleswig-Holstein (VermGebVO).

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