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The real estate cadastre contains information on all properties in Schleswig-Holstein. Everyone has the right to inspect or provide information.

The real estate cadastre contains descriptive information about all properties in Schleswig-Holstein, which include, for example, the parcel and parcel number, the area size, the location designation and the actual type of use. In addition, the owners of the land are also listed in the land register in the real estate cadastre.

If, for example, you need appropriate information about your property for a construction project, you can view the real estate cadastre and receive information or excerpts (property description) from it.

In principle, any person or body can view the real estate cadastre as a generally accessible source and receive information or excerpts from it. By way of derogation, information on the names, dates of birth and addresses of the owners will only be made available to persons or bodies that have a legitimate interest in knowing this data.

  • § 13 Gesetz über die Landesvermessung und das Liegenschaftskataster (Vermessungs- und Katastergesetz - VermKatG),
  • State Ordinance on Fees of the State Office for Surveying and Geoinformation Schleswig-Holstein (VermGebVO).

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