Chimney Sweep

Fireplace show, acceptance of systems and sweeping records may only be carried out by the authorized district chimney sweep.

The tasks of the authorized district chimney sweeps range from the first acceptance of the construction or modification of combustion plants, the implementation of the fireplace show (which takes place approximately every 3.5 years) and the issuance of the fireplace notice as well as the scheduling monitoring of the chimney sweep work to be carried out.

These "sovereign tasks" are reserved exclusively for the authorized district chimney sweep.

The chimney sweep work to be carried out on the basis of the fireplace notice ("non-sovereign tasks") may only be carried out by qualified chimney sweeps.
Anyone who is entitled to do so can register in the chimney sweep register of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. Here, the owners can find out whether the company they want to commission to carry out chimney sweep work has the right to do so.

In order to commission chimney sweep work, the chimney sweep company must be given the fireplace notice (as a copy).


Since January 2013, you have been free to choose your chimney sweep for all non-sovereign tasks. Anyone authorised to carry out this work can be consulted in a chimney sweep register set up by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

  • BAFA - Chimney Sweep Register / Chimney Sweep Search
  • State Ordinance of the Competent Authorities according to the Chimney Sweep Crafts Act (SchfHwGZustBehV SH)
  • Act on Professional Law and Supply in chimney sweeping (SchfHwG),
  • Landesbauordnung für das Land Schleswig-Holstein (LBO),
  • First Ordinance on the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (1st BImSchV),
  • Ordinance on Energy-Saving Thermal Insulation and Energy-Saving Plant Technology for Buildings (Energy Saving Ordinance - EnEV),
  • Ordinance on the Mitering and Inspection of Installations (Sweeping and Inspection Regulations - KÜO),
  • State Ordinance on Combustion Plants (Combustion Ordinance - FeuVO).

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