Travel industry: Travel trade card

If you want to operate a travel business, you need a permit (travel trade card).

A travel business exists when someone is professional without a previous order outside his commercial establishment or without having one,

  • offers or purchases goods for sale or
  • visits orders for goods,
  • offers services or
  • visit orders for services or
  • entertaining activities as a showman.

The exercise of a travel business is regularly subject to permission (travel trade card).

  • identity card or passport,
  • where applicable, extract from the register of trade, associations or cooperatives,
  • if applicable, certificate of good conduct/extract from the Central Trade Register,
  • where applicable, craft card,
  • if applicable, proof of fairground liability insurance.


For the travel trade cards for foreigners, the public order offices of the districts or district-free cities are responsible as district regulatory authorities.

  • ReisegewVwV
  • § 55 Abs. 2, 3 Gewerbeordnung (GewO),
  • General administrative regulation for the enforcement of Title III of the Industrial Code (ReisegewVwV),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (Allgemeiner Gebührentarif) Tarifstelle 11.7.1 - VwGebV.

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