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If you want to carry out a test drive or transfer drive with an unregistered vehicle, you need a short-term license plate.

If you want to carry out a test drive to check the usability or a transfer drive with an unregistered vehicle (all motor vehicles and trailers subject to registration number) within the Federal Republic of Germany, you will need a short-term license plate for one-time use.
Since 1 April 2015, the vehicle data must be proven at the time of application. In addition, an operating permit and a valid main inspection (HU) and, if necessary, a safety test (SP) must be available. If one of these conditions is not met, only journeys to obtain the operating licence or an HU/SP to the nearest assessment centre in the registration district or an adjacent district and, if applicable, related journeys for repair purposes may be carried out.

The short-term license plate is valid for a maximum of five days. The expiration time is noted on the license plate in a yellow field on the right edge. After that, the sign may no longer be used in road traffic. The license plate contains the abbreviation of the registration district and a number that begins with 03 or 04. The official stamp badge is blue.

Short-term license plates are generally not valid in other EU countries, but are accepted by some EU states. Whether a Member State accepts the short-term mark should be checked at the respective embassy.


  • The application must be submitted to the registration authority locally responsible for your place of residence or the location of the vehicle in person or through a representative authorised in writing.
  • If an application form is necessary, you can obtain it in advance from the locally responsible licensing authority and fill it out at home. Depending on the offer of your admission authority, a download form or an online service is available via the Internet.
  • You will receive a special vehicle registration document from the locally competent registration authority.
  • You can have the license plates manufactured during application processing. The number plates are stamped by the locally competent registration authority.
  • Identity card or passport with registration certificate,
  • in the case of companies: extract from the commercial register, business registration and identification of the responsible, authorized signatory (managing director, authorized signatory),
  • in the case of associations: extract from the register of associations and identification of the responsible person entitled to sign (board),
  • for underage vehicle owners: declaration of consent of both parents and their identity card/passport of the legal guardian (if applicable, custody judgment).
  • If you instruct a third party to register the change, they require a written power of attorney from you. In addition, he/she must present your identity card (in copy) and his/her own identity card to the admission authority.
  • Electronic insurance confirmation,
  • Proof of an existing type approval (e.B. ZB I or certificate of conformity (copy is sufficient) and
  • Proof of a valid main inspection and, if applicable, a safety inspection in the original or direct transmission of a duplicate from the monitoring organisation to the licensing authority. A safety check is required for buses with more than 8 passenger seats, trucks larger than 12t zGG and trailers larger than 10t zGG. Proof must be provided which must be in the original or can be made available as a duplicate by the testing organisation directly to the approval authority. In addition to the examination report, the proof can also be provided by the registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document).
  • § 16a Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV),
  • Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees).

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