Vehicle: Green license plate

Certain vehicles that are exempt from motor vehicle tax are given a green number plate.

Certain vehicles exempt from motor vehicle tax carry registration plates with green lettering and green border on a white background. These include vehicles of non-profit organizations, agricultural and forestry vehicles and certain trailers.

If the requirements for a green number plate are no longer met, a vehicle tax can be set by the main customs office. From this point on, the green license plate is ineffective and must be changed to black.

The application for the allocation of a green number plate must be submitted to the registration authority in connection with the registration of the vehicle. If your licensing authority requires an application form, you can usually obtain it from it in advance or, depending on the offer of the authority, retrieve it on the Internet.

  • Registration certificate I (ZB I), (formerly: vehicle registration document) and
  • in the case of unregistered vehicles, such as light motorcycles, where appropriate, type-approval;
  • the previous number plate(s),
  • the certificates or proofs relevant for the tax exemption (e.g. notification of the pension office, proof of activity in agriculture or forestry).


Vehicles with the green number plate may not be used for other purposes. If the vehicle is used for another purpose, this is an offence against the Motor Vehicle Tax Act and can be prosecuted.

  • ยงยง 9, 10 Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV),
  • Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees).

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