Property Map - Excerpt / Information

Excerpts from the property map can be obtained from the State Office for Surveying and Geoinformation, the municipal, official, city or district administrations or from a surveyor.

In the property map, all parcels of land and buildings with their spatial boundaries that are important under real estate law are documented to scale. In addition, the property map also contains descriptive information, which includes, among other things, the parcel number and the location designation of the land and buildings.

If, for example, you need graphic proof of your property or building for a construction project or mortgage lending purposes, you can receive a corresponding excerpt from the property map.

Any person or body can view the property map as a generally accessible source and receive excerpts from it.

  • § 13 Gesetz über die Landesvermessung und das Liegenschaftskataster (Vermessungs- und Katastergesetz - VermKatG),
  • State Ordinance on Fees of the State Office for Surveying and Geoinformation Schleswig-Holstein (VermGebVO).

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