Vehicle: Transfer to another owner - within the registration district Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone who has purchased a registered vehicle from the registration district of their place of residence must have it rewritten in their name immediately.

If you have purchased a registered vehicle from the registration district of your place of residence or permanent establishment, you must immediately apply to the vehicle registration authority for a transfer in your name as the new owner. You can submit the application in person or appoint a representative with your written power of attorney.

  • Valid identity card or passport with registration certificate from the registration authority of your place of residence,
  • Registration certificate Part II or old vehicle registration document or, in the case of vehicles not registered but subject to marking, the certificate of type-approval
  • Registration certificate Part I or old vehicle registration document,
  • electronic insurance confirmation from the liability insurer,
  • SEPA direct debit mandate (direct debit authorisation),
  • Test report of the last main inspection (omitted for vehicles whose first general inspection was not yet due or for vehicles for which the due date of the next main inspection for the registration authority is apparent from another official document - § 29 Para. 10 StVZO),
  • If applicable, vehicle registration plates, if the vehicle is still registered, but the license plate is not to be retained.

In addition, when applying:

  • by representative:
    If you commission a third party with the transfer, they will need a written power of attorney from you. In addition, he must present your identity document (in copy) to the licensing authority. He himself must have the identity document that applies to him with him in order to identify himself.
  • admission to minors:
    the written declaration of consent of the legal guardian and the presentation of their identity cards.
  • for companies (GmbH, AG, OHG):
    Extract from the commercial register (proof of address required), business registration (proof of address required), power of attorney of the managing director or personal appearance of the managing director.
  • for clubs:
    Extract from the register of associations; Identity card and power of attorney of the designated representative(s).
  • for civil law company:
    complete overview of the shareholders (usually submit a shareholders' agreement); Power of attorney and declaration on which natural person the admission is to be granted (confirmed by all shareholders by signature).


Since 1 March 2007, the vehicle can only be registered for a private person in the district of the main residence.

  • Online service - transfer to another holder - within the admission district
  • § 6 Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV),
  • Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees).

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