Motor vehicle: Registration certificate Part I - Changes to owner information

Changes to holder information, e.B. name change or change of address, must be notified immediately to the approval authority.

Changes to the owner's details (personal changes such as name changes due to marriage, divorce or changes of address) must be communicated immediately to the licensing authority.

The vehicle owner is obliged to report; insofar as he is not also the owner, he is also obliged.

The name change is entered both in the registration certificate Part I (ZB I, formerly: vehicle registration document) and in the registration certificate Part II (ZB II, formerly vehicle registration document). If a vehicle registration document and a vehicle registration document are still available, these will be exchanged for the ZB I and ZB II.

If only the address within the admission district changes, the ZB II does not have to be submitted. In these cases, either a new ZB I will be issued or a corresponding sticker will be affixed to the previous ZB I.

If you have purchased or leased your vehicle on credit and the financing bank or lessor has withheld the vehicle registration document / ZB II as security, contact them so that they present the document to the registration authority for modification and proof of the right of disposal.

  • ZB I (formerly: vehicle registration),
  • ZB II (formerly: vehicle registration document) when changing the registration district,
  • in the case of companies, additional business registration or excerpt from the commercial register,
  • Identity card or
    Passport with registration certificate from the residents' registration office or,
    for foreign citizens, foreign IDENTITY card and registration certificate from the residents' registration office.

If you instruct a third party to register the change, they will need a written power of attorney from you. In addition, he must present your identity document (in copy) to the admissions office. He himself must have the identity document that applies to him with him in order to identify himself.


The registration authority automatically forwards the change notification to the main customs offices for consideration in the motor vehicle tax.

  • Online service - Change of holder in the same registration district

Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees).

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