Motor vehicle: Operating permit

The operating permit confirms that the vehicle is approved for public road traffic.

The type-approval, together with the registration plate, is part of the registration procedure for motor vehicles on public roads. An operating permit is a confirmation that the vehicle complies with the relevant regulations.

It is issued for type-approved vehicles by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) or comparable institutions in other countries of the European Union and issued as an individual approval by the registration authority for vehicles without type approval.

The expiry of the operating licence is regulated in § 19 paragraph 2 StVZO.

Driving without or with an expired operating licence constitutes an administrative offence; in addition, the approval authority may prohibit the operation and unstamp the registration number.


A distinction is made in the case of operating approval between:

  • General type approval (ABE) for vehicles or vehicle parts and
  • Individual operating permit (EBE) for vehicles or vehicle parts.

§ 19 Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO)

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