Division of land

A land division must be declared to the land registry office.

As the owner, you declare the division of a plot of land to the responsible land registry office. The land registry office carries out the division in the land register by entering the newly measured plots under its own number in the inventory.

Since July 2004, you usually no longer need a planning division permit for the division of your property.

Special cases:
If your property is located in a reallocation area, redevelopment area or urban development area or is affected by an initiated expropriation procedure, the land division must continue to be approved by the municipality or expropriation authority.

According to § 19 (2) of the Building Code (BauGB), the division of a plot of land within the scope of a development plan may not create any conditions that contradict the provisions of the development plan.

According to § 7 (1) of the State Building Code for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (LBO), the division of a plot of land may not create conditions that contradict the provisions of this Act or on the basis of this Act (for example, thereby missing spacing areas or children's playgrounds). If these provisions are to be deviated from in the event of a division, the provisions of § 71 LBO (deviations) must be followed in accordance with § 7 (2) LBO.

Applications for deviations according to § 71 LBO can be submitted informally.

  • § 19 of the Building Code (BauGB),
  • §§ 7, 71 Landesbauordnung Schleswig-Holstein (LBO),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren in Angelegenheiten der Bauaufsicht (Baugebührenverordnung - BauGebVO) Tarifstelle 4.

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