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Are you discharging wastewater into a body of water? In this case, a levy must be paid to the respective federal state. For this purpose, you should submit the declarations (forms) required for the determination of the submission to the competent authority.

For the discharge of wastewater (waste water and precipitation water) into a surface water or groundwater, a wastewater levy is levied in Germany on a federal and supplementary state law basis. The collection of the waste water levy is carried out by the individual countries.

The required documents vary depending on the obligation to pay for dirty and/or rainwater.

Possible required documents for dirty water:

  • Submission declaration for small instructors
  • Explanation of monitoring values
  • Explanation of lower monitoring values and the resulting measurement results
  • For industrial dischargers: Application for deduction of the preload

Possible documents required for rainwater:

  • Declaration of submission for rainwater

The description and execution of the individual forms varies from one federal state to another. In general terms, there are the following declarations/forms.

  • Declaration of submission for rainwater
  • Submission declaration for small instructors
  • Explanation of the monitoring values (§ 6 Abs. 1 AbwAG)
  • Declaration of lower monitoring values (§ 4 Abs. 5 AbwAG)
  • For industrial dischargers: Application for deduction of the previous load (§ 4 Abs. 3 AbwAG)
  • If applicable, link to the aforementioned forms: State specific
  • Online procedure possible: State specific


Anyone who discharges waste water into a body of water is liable to pay a levy.


Im Gegensatz zur Abwassergebühr ist der Abwasserbeitrag einmalig zu leisten. Mit dem Abwasserbeitrag zahlen Sie als Grundstückseigentümer/in einen Kostenanteil für die Herstellung oder Verbesserung der Gesamtanlagen der Gemeinde oder des Abwasserzweckverbandes.

Weitere Informationen zur Wasserwirtschaft und eine Übersicht über die fachlich zuständigen Behörden sowie Ansprechpartner finden Sie im Landesportal "Landwirtschaft und Umwelt Schleswig-Holstein".

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