Driving licence: Company driving licence - rewrite

If you have a service driver's license, you can have it rewritten.

If you have a service driver's license of the Bundeswehr, the Federal Police or the police, you can have it converted into a "civilian", i.e. general driving license (EU driver's license).

  • official photo ID (identity card, passport),
  • where applicable, registration certificate,
  • Service driving licence (company driving licence) or certificate issued by the issuing authority on the past possession of a company driving licence,
  • current photograph: frontal image according to international standards (biometric photograph),
  • civil driving licence (if available).

If the transfer of the company driving licence is applied for after termination of the employment relationship, the following additional documents may be required depending on the individual case - for categories C, C1, CE, C1E, D, D1, DE, D1E:

  • expert opinion of an ophthalmologist,
  • expert opinions on physical and mental fitness,
  • Proof of compliance with the special requirements of Appendix 5 No. 2 of the Driving Licence Ordinance (FeV).


Information on driving licences and driving licence rights can also be found on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, Transport and Technology of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MWAVT).

  • Driving licence and driving licence law
  • ยงยง 26, 27, Annex 5 Ordinance on the Admission of Persons to Road Traffic (Driving Licence Ordinance - FeV),
  • Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees).

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