Land use plan

The land use plan is the preparatory zoning plan. For example, it provides information on whether a plot of land may be built on or not.

If you want to know if your property could be used as a building plot at all, you should take a look at your municipality's land use plan.

The land use plan is the preparatory zoning plan (urban development framework plan) of the municipality. It contains the urban development uses desired by the planning municipality and differentiated for the individual areas. These can be, for example: residential areas, commercial building areas, utility areas, areas for common use, traffic areas, green areas, forest areas and agricultural land.

The land use plan does not develop a direct legal effect vis-à-vis the citizens. No legal claims, in particular the claim to a building permit for a particular property, can be derived from his graphic and textual representations. However, for the administration and other authorities, it represents an authority-binding, planning-binding program.

The representations of the land use plan are the basis for the preparation of the development plans, which contain the legally binding determinations vis-à-vis all citizens.

In addition, there is an indirect concern for the citizens in the case of approvals of projects in the "outdoor area" according to § 35 of the Building Code (BauGB), because here a construction project is usually opposed by one or more public interests.

  • §§ 5 - 7 Of the Building Code (BauGB),
  • Ordinance on the Structural Use of Land (Baunutzungsverordnung (BauNVO).

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