Motor vehicle: Registration certificate Part I - Changing vehicle data (technical modification)

If technical modifications are made to a vehicle, these must be noted in the registration certificate Part I.

Your vehicle is already registered and has been technically modified, for example by attaching a towbar, using other wheel/tyre combinations, reducing the performance of the motorcycle or the like.

A technical change also exists if the vehicle is to be recoded because it has met a higher emission standard than is entered in the current registration documents since the day of the first registration after a manufacturer's certificate to be submitted.

Certain technical changes must be inspected immediately by the Technical Inspection Centre (TÜV Nord) or an officially recognised monitoring organisation (DEKRA, FSP, GTÜ, KÜS, TÜV Nord, TÜV Süd Autopartner GmbH):

  • modification of the type of vehicle (only by an officially recognised expert),
  • changes in exhaust or noise values, if they have an impact on vehicle tax or traffic bans (only by an officially recognised expert if the values deteriorate),
  • change in engine capacity or power,
  • increasing the maximum speed determined by the design,
  • reduction of the maximum speed determined by the design if it is relevant to the driving licence or if tyres of lower speed classes are to be used;
  • modification of the permissible axle loads, total weight, payload, saddle, propellant or towed load,
  • change of vehicle dimensions,
  • Change in the number of seats or standing places for buses and coaches.

If the change does not have to be entered in the vehicle documents, this is noted on the corresponding parts approval.

Technical changes must be entered in the vehicle documents in a number of cases (such as the conversion of a vehicle). If the emission standard achieved is improved, the improvement only has an effect on the motor vehicle tax to be paid when it is entered in the vehicle documents.

If an entry in the vehicle documents is required, demonstration of the vehicle to an officially recognized expert or a test engineer who confirms the proper installation, installation or removal by means of an expert opinion.

In all cases:

  • ZB I (formerly: vehicle registration),
  • ZB II (formerly: vehicle registration),
  • in the case of companies, additional business registration or excerpt from the commercial register,
  • Identity card or passport with registration certificate from the residents' registration office or, in the case of foreign citizens, foreign identity card and registration certificate from the residents' registration office,
  • Change of vehicle type , a SEPA direct debit mandate must be submitted SEPA direct debit mandate

If you instruct a third party to register the change, they will need a written power of attorney from you. In addition, he must present your identity document (in copy) to the licensing authority. He himself must have the identity document that applies to him with him in order to identify himself.

In addition, in case of technical changes:

  • where applicable, expert opinion of an officially recognised expert or confirmation of acceptance by a test engineer from an approved testing organisation,
  • type approval of the parts manufacturer,
  • proof of the main inspection,
  • Certificate of exhaust gas testing,
  • if the vehicle type is changed, additionally new electronic insurance confirmation.


TIP: Before installation or conversion, ask an officially recognized expert for motor vehicle traffic or a test engineer from a monitoring organization whether the operating permit is impaired or whether the change can be approved at all.

Please note, however, that in the event of some technical changes, the operating permit for the vehicle expires. The registration of the amendments in the registration certificate must therefore be applied for without delay. Driving with an expired operating licence may be considered a criminal offence.

  • § 13 Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV),
  • Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees).

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