Carriage of goods by road: road haulage licence Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A national road haulage licence is required for commercial transport by vehicles whose gross vehicle weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes.

If you want to carry out commercial transports with vehicles whose permissible total weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes, you need a national road haulage permit.

A Community licence is required for cross-border transport.

No permit is required for so-called company transport. However, your company must be registered with the Federal Office for Goods Transport. You can obtain the address from your licensing authority.

  • extract from the register of commercial or cooperatives, if there is a corresponding entry,
  • Certificate of good conduct and information from the Central Trade Register (in the case of a company for the bodies authorised to represent such as the shareholders and the managing directors, in the case of a cooperative for the board, in the case of a community of heirs for the co-heirs, in the case of a minor for the legal representatives; Excerpt not older than three months)
  • Proof of financial standing by presenting:
    • Capital certificate or supplementary certificate,
    • Clearance certificate from the responsible tax office,
    • Clearance certificate from the municipality.
  • For the traffic manager:
    • Proof of the right of representation,
    • clearance certificate issued by the social security institutions,
    • Certificate of good conduct (not older than three months),
    • Information from the Central Trade Register,
    • Proof of professional aptitude and
    • Proof of employment.
  • Goods Road Transport Act (GüKG),
  • Ordinance on Access to the Profession for Road Haulage (GBZugV),
  • Council Regulation (EEC) No 881/92 of 26 March 1992 on access to the market for the carriage of goods by road within the Community for transport to or from a Member State.

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