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If you want to export a vehicle abroad, you need an export license plate.

If you would like to export a previously unregistered vehicle or a vehicle previously registered in the Federal Republic of Germany or even decommissioned abroad with your own power, you will need an export license plate.

The application for the issue of an export mark must be made in person or by a representative authorised in writing.

If an application form is necessary, you can obtain it in advance from the licensing authority and fill it out at home. Depending on the offer of your licensing authority, you can also submit the application as an online service via the Internet.

You can have the required license plates manufactured after the application has been submitted. To do this, contact the private providers.

  • Registration certificate Part II (formerly vehicle registration document)
  • or Certificate of Conformity (COC),
  • in the case of companies, additional business registration or excerpt from the commercial register,
  • Identity card
    or passport with registration certificate from the residents' registration office
    or (in the case of foreign citizens) foreign identity card and registration certificate from the residents' registration office,

  • Insurance confirmation for export license plates (paper form as proof of insurance abroad),
  • Test report on the last (still valid) general inspection (HU),
  • Direct debit authorization for the motor vehicle tax (must be presented in writing in the case of registration by a third party or in the case of a deviating account holder; the specified bank details must be proven).

in the case of registered vehicles, additional

  • license plates,
  • Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document),

in the case of decommissioned vehicles additionally

  • Confirmation of deregistration (if closed by 30 September 2005)
  • or registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document) with the note of decommissioning.

If you instruct a third party to register the change, they require a written power of attorney from you. In addition, he/she must present your identity card (in copy) and his/her own identity card to the admission authority.

Note: The registration authority may require the presentation of the vehicle for the purpose of identification.


Some EU member states also tolerate German short-term license plates. In order to avoid trouble, you should urgently clarify with the respective foreign mission whether this is permissible in the respective country before using such license plates abroad.

  • § 19 Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV),
  • Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees).

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