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If the vehicle owner changes, the previous vehicle owner / owner of the vehicle must immediately inform the registration authority.

If a change occurs in the person of the owner (for example, through the sale of the vehicle), the previous owner or the owner must immediately inform the registration authority that has assigned an official registration number to the vehicle. The notification is dispensable if the purchaser fulfils his re-registration obligation. Depending on the offer of the admission authority, a corresponding form is available for download.

It is strongly recommended to check the buyer's details using an identity card or passport. Even after the sale, they remain the owner of the vehicle until it has been rewritten to the new owner or decommissioned by the owner.

Have the buyer confirm in writing the receipt of the documents handed over to him (for example, registration certificate Part I (formerly vehicle registration certificate), registration certificate Part II (formerly vehicle registration document), certificate of technical examinations carried out (HU, AU, possibly also SP) as well as other documents such as installation acceptances, exemptions.

When selling abroad, you should definitely put the vehicle out of service before the sale so that your owner obligations (motor vehicle liability insurance, motor vehicle tax) are terminated. A later decommissioning is tedious and expensive because of the usually no longer available vehicle documents.

It is possible for the purchaser to take the vehicle abroad in a way other than in the registered state (by means of export license plates, transport vehicles and sometimes even with short-term license plates).


The notification to the registration office must include the name and address of the purchaser and the registration number of the vehicle sold. On the Internet or by the insurers, corresponding sample letters (applications/forms) are provided.

§ 13 (4) Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV).

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