Vehicle: Decommission (deregistration/decommissioning)

A vehicle can be put out of service at any registration authority in Germany.

Since 1 March 2007, no distinction has been made between temporary and permanent decommissioning. A vehicle has either the status "approved" or "decommissioned".

Since 2 January 2015, vehicles can also be decommissioned via the Internet. The prerequisite for this is that the vehicle has been subject to registration law from 2 January 2015 and that the registration certificate Part I (ZB I, formerly: vehicle registration document) is marked "Remove for decommissioning" and that the number plate(s) are equipped with stamp stickers that have a printed matter number.

If a vehicle is decommissioned, re-registration is possible within an unlimited period of time, provided that the former registration documents are available. If these are no longer available, approval is still possible within a period of seven years without any problems. Thereafter, the last locally competent registration authority may, if necessary, create an index card copy, provided that the vehicle data is still available in the local vehicle register. In addition, a general inspection is required.

  • Valid identity card or passport with registration certificate,
  • Registration certificate Part I (ZB I, formerly: vehicle registration document) and
  • in the case of unregistered vehicles, such as light motorcycles, ZB I, where appropriate, the type-approval,
  • the previous number plate(s).
  • If a vehicle of category M1 (passenger car) or N1 (light commercial vehicle) is provided to a recognised recycling centre, a certificate of destruction in accordance with the model set out in Appendix 8 of the Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV).

For the Internet-based decommissioning, the following documents are required:

  • an electronic proof of identity according to the Identity Card Act (nPA with PIN) or according to the Residence Act,
  • the indication of the number plate,
  • the safety codes of the ZB I and the stamp stickers attached to the license plates, which are exposed by removing the top layers and
  • Internet access with card reader for the nPA.


If you then want to use your previous license plate again for the registration of another vehicle or the re-registration of the same vehicle, a reservation of the license plate is absolutely necessary. This reservation can only be made at the locally responsible licensing authority but not at an external licensing authority.

Unstamped license plates (after removal of the stamp stickers) can be used to a limited extent for return journeys. Further information will be provided by the approval authority.

Journeys with the vehicle after deregistration: Return journeys after removal of the stamp sticker may be carried out with the previously assigned license plate until the end of the day of decommissioning of the vehicle, if you are covered by the motor vehicle liability insurance.

  • Online decommissioning
  • ยงยง 10, 11, 14, 15, Annexes 4, 5 and 8 Ordinance on the Registration of Vehicles for Road Traffic (Vehicle Registration Ordinance - FZV),
  • Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees).

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