Housing subsidy

Housing benefit can be granted as a rent subsidy or for the owner-occupied residential property as a burden subsidy.

If the income of your private household is not sufficient according to the objective rules of the Housing Benefit Act to bear the costs of your housing yourself, you could have a legal claim to housing benefit. Housing benefit is granted to tenants as a rent subsidy and for owner-occupied residential property (owner-occupied home, condominium) as a burden subsidy.

Housing benefit is only granted on application. Decisive for the amount of the housing benefit are the size of the household, the total income of all members of the household and the amount of the rent or burden to be taken into account. The rent relevant to housing benefit includes the cold operating costs (so-called gross cold rent), but not operating costs for central heating and hot water supply facilities.

A claim to housing benefit does not exist if the costs of accommodation are covered by another social service provider, for example in the case of social assistance or unemployment benefit (ALG)II recipients.

Online housing benefit application

Since December 2019, you can also apply for housing benefit online in the following pilot municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein (state capital Kiel, Hanseatic city of Lübeck, city of Flensburg, city of Neumünster with the municipalities of Wasbek and Bönebüttel, city of Pinneberg, city of Reinbek). 

Proof of income and rent or encumbrance. It is recommended to contact the competent body in advance.


Detailed information on housing benefit can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MILI).

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Housing Benefit Act (WoGG).

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