Population / Population development

The highest state authorities and the Statistics Office North provide information on the population/population development.

Insights into the population structure and future population development are important planning bases for the state (federal, state and local authorities), but also for the private sector.

The serious demographic changes of the coming decades will have a noticeable impact on all areas of life. They require early action and needs-based planning.

The task of the state is to set the right course for this in its own areas of responsibility and to support this through legal requirements, but also information and advice as well as programs and projects, municipalities and other public and private planning agencies.


The topic of "population development" plays a role in various areas of state policy (e.g. schools, hospitals, specialists) and is taken into account in the respective ministries when planning tasks and setting priorities.

§ 7 para. 1 Act on Principles for the Development of the Land (Land Development Principles Act).

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