Driving ban and withdrawal of driving licence Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A driving ban can be issued as part of an administrative offence procedure, a driving licence is withdrawn by court decision.

Driving ban and withdrawal of driving licence (withdrawal of driving licence) have different meanings:

The imposition of a driving ban of between one and three months is considered in the course of an administrative offence procedure in accordance with § 25 of the Road Traffic Act (StVG). The prohibition period begins with the legal force of the decision or as soon as the driver's license is taken into official custody. After expiry of the driving ban, the driving licence is automatically returned/returned.

With the withdrawal of the driving license by the court or the driving license authority according to § 3 road traffic law (StVG), the driver's license becomes invalid. The right to drive vehicles subject to a driving licence is no longer applicable. The driver's license must be re-applied for ( reissue/reissue ).

Road Traffic Act (StVG)

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