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Anyone planning a public event must either have it approved early or reported it at an early stage in accordance with § 69 of the Trade Code.

If you are planning a public event that is not subject to road traffic law, you must apply for any necessary permits in writing in good time. If there is no permission obligation, but only a notification obligation, you should also comply with this at an early stage.

Trade law distinguishes between

  • Events (fairs, exhibitions, markets and folk festivals) that are fixed or are considered fixed in accordance with § 69 gewerbeordnung (GewO) at the request of the organizer ("fixing") and
  • the events that are not determined according to § 69 GewO.

The events that can be determined are finally listed in §§ 60 b and 64 to 68 GewO. They are subject to the provisions of Title IV GewO ("Fairs, Exhibitions, Markets"). An amendment to the determination must also be requested. In principle, there is a right to participate in an event in accordance with § 70 GewO. The so-called market privileges apply, whereby, for example, the provisions of Title II GewO ("standing trade") do not apply in principle.

When applying for an event permit, the reliability of the trade law is checked in accordance with the usual principles.

Events that are not fixed in accordance with § 69 GewO or are not considered fixed may be carried out outside the provisions of Title IV. They are not subject to the effects of the determination, but to the general rules applicable to the standing trade or the travel industry (for example, obligation to notify, requirement of a travel trade card, compliance with shop closing times).

  • §§ 64 et seq. Of the Industrial Code (GewO),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (Allgemeiner Gebührentarif) Tarifstelle 11.15 - VwGebV.

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