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If you want to use a vehicle on public roads, you must always carry the registration certificate Part I (formerly vehicle registration document) with you.

You may only use a vehicle subject to registration on public roads if it has been registered for it by the competent registration authority.

Proof of admission is the registration certificate Part I, which you therefore always carry with you and hand over to competent persons on request.

The registration certificate Part I contains the most important information about the vehicle and represents the essential legitimation document for traffic controls.

It is an EU-wide document. If an old vehicle registration document still exists for your vehicle, it remains valid.

Welche Unterlagen erforderlich sind, erfahren Sie bei der zuständigen Behörde.

  • Written form required: Yes

  • Personal appearance necessary: No


The conditions for the registration of a vehicle must be met.

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Check the correct entry of all data when issuing the registration certificate Part I and complain about any discrepancies as soon as possible.

If there is still an old vehicle registration document for the vehicle, the data will be transferred from there to the registration certificate Part I. When issuing the new papers, have the old vehicle registration document handed over to you in order to have a document about the previous entries.

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