Vehicle: Small license plate

Reduced license plates may only be used with an exemption permit.

Not infrequently, when registering a vehicle, the desire for a reduced license plate (so-called "US license plate" or light motorcycle license plate) is expressed. Such marks can only be assigned by an exemption, which is granted only under very limited conditions.

It must be confirmed by an expert opinion of an officially recognized expert of a technical inspection body that the affixing of normal-sized license plates is either not technically possible due to the structural characteristics or that a disproportionate effort would be required for the conversion to attach a proper license plate. According to case law, conversion costs of up to 10% of the current value of the vehicle are reasonable.


There is no legal entitlement to the granting of an exemption permit. As a rule, the reference to other cases does not open up any claim.

§ 47 sec. 1 no. 1 in conjunction with V.m. § 10 in conjunction with V.m. Annex 4 ordinance on the registration of vehicles for road traffic (FZV).

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