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Anyone who has suffered damage to their health as a result of an act of violence through no fault of their own is entitled to opera compensation.

Have you suffered any damage to your health through no fault of your own as a result of an act of violence?

For the consequences of this damage to health as a result of an intentional, unlawful assault, you will receive care on request in accordance with the Act on Compensation for Victims of Violent Acts - Victim Compensation Act (OEG).

Compensation for pain and suffering will not be paid. Property damage and financial losses will not be compensated. The supply is granted in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Supply Act.

  • birth certificate or (if the application is submitted in person) identity card or passport,
  • Confirmation of registration,
  • Proof of nationality (if not German nationality),
  • for non-EU national applicants: proof of your regular residence,
  • if applicable, medical documents in your possession (e.g. expert opinions),
  • if applicable, power of attorney, guardian card or certificate of appointment.


Compensation is also granted for the consequences of an act of violence abroad in accordance with the Victim Compensation Act (OEG). However, the Federal Supply Act does not apply here.

The OEG does not provide for any benefits for intentional damage with a motor vehicle (or trailer). In such a case, however, you can submit an application to the Traffic Victim Assistance e. V. - Compensation Fund for Damages from Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Further information on victim support can also be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).

In order to respond to the needs of victims of crime (crime victims) and their relatives, there is the victim support .

  • Verkehrsopferhilfe e. V. - Guarantee Fund (Compensation Fund)
  • Act on Compensation for Victims of Violent Crimes (Victim Compensation Act - OEG),
  • Act on the Care of the Victims of War (Federal Supply Act - BVG).

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