Home education, other assisted living (children and adolescents) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Home education or other assisted living for children and adolescents is one of the types of help offered for education.

Home education or other assisted living is one of the types of help offered for education.

The help for education in an institution day and night (home education) or in another assisted living form is intended to promote children and adolescents in their development by combining everyday experiences with educational and therapeutic offers. It should be designed according to the age and stage of development of the child or adolescent as well as the possibilities of improving the educational conditions in the family of origin

  1. try to achieve a return to the family or
  2. prepare for education in another family, or
  3. offer a life form designed for a longer period of time and prepare for an independent life.

Young people should also be advised and supported in questions of training and employment as well as general lifestyle.

§ 27 in conjunction with § 34 of the Social Code (SGB) - Book eight (VIII) - Child and youth welfare.

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