Explosive substances (explosives): permit for acquisition, handling or transport (for non-commercial purposes)

As a private individual, would you like to deal with explosive substances such as .B black powder, nitrocellulose powder or fireworks? Then you have to observe the Explosives Act (SprengG) and need an official permit from the responsible authority!

Anyone who wants to deal with explosive substances in the non-commercial, i.e. in the private sector, requires a permit in accordance with the Explosives Act.

Activities related to explosive substances have a high hazard potential. The aim of the Explosives Act is to protect people and property from these dangers.

In order to avoid accidents and misuse, explosives law places high demands on the suitability, reliability and expertise of persons who want to handle explosive substances.

If you, as a private individual, would like to deal with the following explosive substances,

  • Black powder for muzzleloader shooting,
  • Firecracker powder for firecracker shooting,
  • Nitrocellulose powder for reloading cartridge casings,
  • Rocket engines in model rocket construction of category P2 and
  • fireworks of category F3 and F4,
  • Fireworks pursuant to Paragraph 20(4) of the First Ordinance on the Explosives Act category F2

then you need a permit according to § 27 SprengG (colloquially also called Pulverschein, Böllerschein or Feuerwerkerschein)!

The official permit ensures that only persons who meet the requirements for safe handling have access to explosive substances.

  • Completed application form for the granting of a permit according to § 27 Explosives Act
  • Valid identity card or passport
  • Certificate of expertise (proof of successful completion of the specialist training course for the planned activity (not applicable for fireworks of category F3)
  • Proof of the need to handle explosive substances (not applicable if permission to handle pyrotechnic articles)
  • Proof of liability insurance when handling fireworks of category F3 and F4
  • Description of the intended storage (e.B. technical documentation, photo credits)
  • If applicable, weapon license, hunting license, already issued permits
  • For checking the reliability of persons from abroad:
  • You will need a certificate in a certified translation from the competent judicial or administrative authority of your country of origin or country of origin on certain facts that are relevant to the assessment of your reliability (e.B extract from the criminal record).
  • Form name: Varies depending on the competent authority
  • If necessary, link to the aforementioned form:
  • Online procedure possible: yes
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance required: Depending on the respective competent authority


In order to obtain a permit to handle explosive substances, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have reached the age of 21 to handle black powder, nitrocellulose powder and other propellant powder. Exceptions are possible in individual cases for sports shooters.
  • You must have reached the age of 21 to handle fireworks of category F4 and pyrotechnic articles of category P2 (e.B. rocket motors).
  • You must have reached the age of 18 to handle fireworks of category F2 or F3.
  • You must have expertise. The specialist knowledge is proven by a certificate attesting to the successful participation in a state or state-recognized course (omitted for pyrotechnics category F3).
  • They must be reliable. The required reliability is usually given if you have so far behaved lawfully and do not have a criminal record.
  • They must be personally suitable. You are personally suitable if you have no restrictions, e.B. in mental and physical health or by drug or alcohol dependence.

You must be able to prove a need. The proof is target group-specific; Hunters must, for example, submit their hunting license, sports and firecrackers a certificate of their membership and participation in shooting and traditional shooting associations. (Not applicable if you are allowed to handle fireworks or other pyrotechnic objects such as rocket motors).

You must have suitable rooms for storage.

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  • § 27 Explosives Act (SprengG)

Before you as a non-commercial user are allowed to handle explosive substances, you must have been granted a permit under the Explosives Act.

  • Application via an online procedure or a written procedure (except for electronic processing and the possibility of identifying oneself in advance, the two procedures are identical),
  • In the online procedure, you can choose between electronic authentication (if desired also registration in the portal) or an application as a guest,
  • Filling in the forms,
  • Adding the required (possibly scanned) documents and proofs,
  • Re-examination of the application documents,
  • submit the application electronically or print it out and submit it to the Authority,
  • The authority will contact you with your request for consultation or inquiries and corrections,
  • If necessary, the authority will make an appointment with you for an interview in order to determine the necessary personal,

Notification of the decision and request for payment.

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