Ambulance services: Ambulance and ambulance services Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Ambulance services are, if necessary for medical reasons, ambulance transport and ambulance journeys in connection with inpatient treatment as well as rescue trips.

In principle, ambulance services apply to all patient transports and ambulance journeys required for medical reasons in connection with inpatient treatment and rescue trips.

Rescue trips are carried out by the well-known rescue services.

Your doctor will issue you with a corresponding prescription for all other ambulance journeys or transports, regardless of the means of transport to be chosen.

This means that if you or a relative need an ambulance or an ambulance in connection with a health insurance benefit for compelling medical reasons, the health insurance company will cover the travel costs

  • in principle, only in connection with inpatient treatment,
  • during rescue trips to the hospital, even if inpatient treatment is not required,
  • in the case of an ambulance that requires special professional care and,
  • in very special exceptional cases, for trips to outpatient treatment.

In case of doubt, you must pay for transport services that you arrange without coordination with your health insurance company.

It is therefore recommended to contact the responsible health insurance company in advance. If you are currently receiving benefits from a social welfare institution, it is also worth asking there.

§§ 60, 61, 62, 133 Social Code (SGB) Fifth Book (V) - Statutory Health Insurance.

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