Social assistance: help for subsistence Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Assistance for subsistence serves to ensure the basic needs of daily life, such as nutrition or adequate accommodation.

The services are intended to ensure the basic needs of daily life, such as nutrition, adequate accommodation, needs of daily life, heating and household energy. With the exception of accommodation and heating costs, the corresponding requirements are recorded by the standard rates. These also include shares for household goods and clothing. Any additional individual aid may only be considered to a limited extent.

In order to determine the needs of a beneficiary, the so-called standard rates must first be taken as a basis. In the course of the reform of the social assistance law, these have been increased and now also cover all individual needs that were covered by subsidies in the past as part of the assistance for subsistence. This standard requirement will include the (reasonable) accommodation and heating costs as well as possible additional requirements due to

  • Age and proof of the mark "G" (= severely disabled persons with restrictions on walking ability),
  • full disability and proof of the mark "G",
  • Pregnancy
  • single-parenting of children,
  • Costly nutrition according to medical prescription

slammed. Furthermore, health and long-term care insurance contributions are eligible.

  • Identity card
  • Proof of expenses: rental contract or house charges (each with year of construction and size of the apartment), receipts for gas/water/electricity bills, insurance (policies and contribution invoices), such as household contents, liability, life, death insurance, if necessary contribution invoices via voluntary health and long-term care insurance,
  • Income receipts, for example pension notice, unemployment benefit II notice, housing benefit notice, payroll,
  • Proof of assets, for example account statements of the last three months, savings books, fixed-term deposit accounts, securities accounts, land register statement.


Assistance for subsistence is available to needy persons who are not entitled to basic security in old age and in the event of reduced earning capacity, unemployment benefit II and social benefits (residual capacity with regard to earning capacity less than three hours a day, but not permanently). While pension benefits for old age are still taken into account in the case of assistance for subsistence, this is not an option for basic security.

§§ 27 to 40 Social Code (SGB) Twelfth Book (XII) - Social Assistance.

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