Social assistance: help to overcome particular social difficulties

This aid will support measures to overcome particular social difficulties that prevent integration into society.

Assistance is intended to enable people whose special living conditions lead to social difficulties and whose participation in life in the community is thereby impossible or significantly impaired to integrate into society.

Anyone who has fallen into particularly difficult living conditions (for example, has become homeless or delinquent, is without a family or has no secure existence) and cannot overcome them on their own is entitled to this help to overcome special social difficulties outside or within institutions for people with special social difficulties in accordance with §§ 67 - 69 SGB XII.

The particular social difficulties may be due to the person seeking help, his current living conditions or his social environment. However, they must not be difficulties that are no different from those that can affect almost anyone once in the course of a lifetime (for example, marital crisis, problems in the workplace).

Assistance shall include all necessary measures to eliminate the particular difficulties which stand in the way of integration into society. These include, in particular:

  • Advice and personal support for those seeking help and for their relatives,
  • Help with the procurement of an apartment,
  • measures to obtain a job and
  • Help to cope with everyday life.
  • Identity card
  • Health insurance card,
  • Benefit notices (e.g. unemployment benefit (ALG), pension notice).

§§ 67 to 69 of the Social Code (SGB) Twelfth Book (XII) - Social Assistance.

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