Early intervention for the hearing impaired

If you suspect hearing impairment in your child, you should have this checked by special hearing test procedures.

Do you suspect hearing impairment in your child? There are special hearing screening procedures for all ages (including infants). Claim competent medical and specialist advice!

  • Yellow booklet of the U-Preventive Examinations,
  • Medical and therapy reports about your child,
  • Results of a hearing check by an otolaryngologist.

A bank transfer is not required. You can register directly.


Further information on early intervention can be found on the websites of the Schleswig-Holstein State Government and the Schleswig-Holstein Medical Association.

  • Medical Association Schleswig-Holstein - Working Group Early Intervention
  • Early childhood education

§ 30 Social Code (SGB) Ninth Book (IX) - Rehabilitation and Participation of Disabled People.

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  • § 30 SGB IX

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